Monday, February 22, 2010

4th of July

This is another quilt by Joyce, perfectly pieced. I love working with quilts such as this. The photos don't do the fabrics justice . The colors/prints were really nicely chosen. Not a bright white, but creams & taupes. The reds more blue. The blues deeper and more interesting.
Sometimes I don't like my camera.*sigh*
I used the Circle Lord templates, with free hand quilting. A red/white/blue variegated thread seemed to appear and disappear throughout the quilting. 45"x60".


Randi said...

Carla, I love the quilting on need to enter it, and your lonestar in the CL challenge!

Sharon S said...

Do you know where to find the pattern fo rthis quilt? I do American Hero Quilts & this would be perfect. Great quilting!