Friday, September 25, 2009

Large Border Treatment (Finished w/Pics)

Finally I'm finished!
Free hand quilting in the main star, and SID all about. The stars in the white area were quilted using the Circle Lord Starz template.
I used the Gadget Girls Shells and Swirls Ruler template to set up a line to divide the wide borders. More ruler work with the piano keys, and freehand feathers. The quilt was turned to finish the borders, with the feathers running around the four sides. The gold backing shows each and every bobble in the quilting, but has a nice graphic feel to it.
I'm sure the recipient will love this quilt.


ginger said...

I love how the feathers flow into the stars. Very cool!

Karen E. Overton said...

I would have never thought of that! pure genius!

Margecam52 said...

Very neat idea! I'll have to try this. Probably won't be as nice as yours...but gonna try anyhows!

Lynda said...

Just beautiful. I'm very new to all this. Those feathers are so impressive!

Angela said...

Wow Carla. That is just beautiful. It really shows off your work.

Janet said...

I always include a "story" with my gift quilts:


Graudation Quilt for Brittany Belle
“Michigan Star”

This blue and gold of U of M
will hold more memories than a cardigan.
Of picnics on the campus lawn,
and wrapping up when you yawn,
of snuggling cozy while you study,
and maybe romance with a buddy.
Of a frosty stadium at a football game,
And then graduation - life will never be the same.

This quilt is full of many stars
representing not only who you are,
but who you will become.

Wishing you everything wonderful during this exciting time of your life.