Monday, February 22, 2010

Lila's Baskets

It took me forever to quilt this charming quilt. Not the quilting itself, but just developing the nerve to put it up on the frame. I really felt it should have been hand quilted. The baskets are 4" blocks; the handles all hand appliqued. Lots of piecing with little squares and triangles. And there are many more of these depression era, traditional quilt tops at its home. Lila is a very prolific piecer!
Unfortunately, these are the only photos I took of this top. I quilted a little daisy in the handle of each basket, and a vine with yellow daisies in the border.


Jenny said...

this is one of those patterns that i really like to look at, but that i'm too scared to try. maybe one of these days i'll learn applique.

Angela said...

I am clearly having to much fun looking at your blog. :0
Thanks for coming today it was great to see you.
I really am amazed at this sweet little basket quilt. Most impressed with how you patterned around them. I am inspired.