Saturday, October 27, 2007

Janet's Black/White Graphic

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Janet said...

I always include a "story" with my gift quilts.


21st Birthday Quilt for Daleena
“Makah Daughter”

I chose this pattern because of its boldness – the big red blocks
representing the Makah Indian Nation between the Pacific and the Straits.

The fabrics are in Makah tribal colors of red, black, and white and were collected from several different places including The Taos Pueblo. The fabrics include eagle feathers and Indian Ponies with one white horse representing your pony “Silver.”

The label is the famous Edward S. Curtis photograph
“Makah Maiden” © 1910.

I’ve named this quilt “Makah Daughter” in recognition of the day you wrote my name on your school project family tree. We are family and I am proud of you.