Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Did What to That Fabric???

Quilters are generally perfectly normal women (sometimes men) who buy beautiful fabrics and then proceed to cut them into small pieces. Spouses do not always see the value in this.
These pieces of fabric are then meticulously sewn back together in a pattern to form a 'quilt top'. The owner of the quilt top then contacts me and together we decide what type of quilting pattern will be quilted or sewn, onto the top. I put the quilt sandwich, which consists of the quilt top, a soft batting middle and the quilt backing, onto the longarm frame. I then quilt the design which may be either subtle or sometimes not so subtle.
My particular longarm is 12' wide; many are 14' wide, but my little quilting room is small and will only accomodate the smaller size. My monster looks better with a quilt in her frame.